Potential solution to address Digital gap

Point of view, on how Social Enterprise (SE) can help address the technology (“digital”) gap in three episodes…

Episode 1Today’s business faces “Digital” challenge…

  • Business and technology units are often siloed and disintegrated (focused on task completion)
  • Customers and employees define new rules of engagement thought digital technologies
  • AI, IoT, Blockchain and Quantum Computing are there to disrupt; and speed is increasing
  • Vendors keep pushing “boxes” and “licenses”, but not business outcomes

Episode 2Organizations are unable to respond to challenge in time…

  • Technology is often treated like a commodity, not a differentiator
  • Business is not clear or fully aware of the full potential of the technology
  • Operating models take time to respond to disruption and “assume” talent acquisition strategies

Episode 3 Social Enterprise is a design approach to the operating model that can help to address the Gap… Few examples to illustrate what Solical Enterprise requires organization to do:

  • Recognize value, that is in building and leveraging network and relation, not in purchasing more tech
  • Build and actively manage strategic relations with partners, vendors, service providers to extract business benefits;
  • Engage network in defining and delivering your business outcomes, not just take another task or purchase “magic box” technology

In my view organizations often do not need to acquire all the required capabilities to address the Digital gap (be it people, technology or know-how). Sometimes it makes more sense to focus on building a strong network, fostering partners relations that can be leveraged. I’m glad to see that some firms have realized that and do set their business targets and adjust operating models accordingly.